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Barcode Maker Post Office

Company introduce Barcode Maker Post Office software with supports Linear and 2D fonts that is available on URL
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29 April 2013

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This is a barcode label maker software.

It is necessary when trying out barcode software you should make sure your barcode readers work with them. Thus it would make sense to go over to the developer’s site you should make sure that is so and then try it out during trials. The codes include both linear and 2d codes. The interface is simple and it lets you set all the mechanical data about the labels to be done from the same interface screen. If you are aware what is required in creating the label, this tool is a simple one to operate. The preview area ensures what you get is shown there with every change you make. The changes one can make include changes in the fonts used, its sizes and color to be used. Printing is simple too; the code labels could be done on everyday printers, no special needs.

Bulk preparation of labels is simple, you could have a sequence set up or fixed ones. The output labels are stored in image formats, including JPEG, GIF and EXIF etc. When starting what you need to select is whether you want a linear code or a 3D one. Actual code selection is through a drop down list. This changes automatically based on the linear or 2D selection. Placement settings and size settings are available directly through the interface. The settings are arranged in three groups. Besides the general settings, you have tabs of color settings and images settings. Any kind of text strings could be added through the barcode header and footer text boxes. This is a good product that could be easily tried out, if you had a need.

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For download Barcode Maker Post Office utility click on website that supported by windows operating system and easily create customized and printable barcode labels, coupons using available barcode fonts. Powerful barcode label creator utility design and print thousands of barcode labels at same time using random, sequential and constant value barcode series producing techniques in simplest and fast way
Barcode Maker Post Office
Barcode Maker Post Office
Version 7.3
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